Friday, December 5, 2014

Grattide Cont.: Grateful for our Service Men

4. America the Beautiful

      So never did I ever imagine that my husband would join the Army.  The experience has been one to remember.  I've always had a huge amount of appreciation of what our troops & service men do to ensure our freedom, and safety.  I grew up praying for them always when we had family prayers in the morning.  With all the turmoil in the world, who else would do the job?  My prayers were so small, but I now know how much of a blessing it is to have the prayers, trust, confidence, and love from anyone who will give such attributes for those who are enlisted.  I would encourage everyone to keep their families in their prayers as well, as they sacrifice just at much as our soldiers do whether they're deployed or not.  Money cannot buy the priceless moments that soldiers and their families miss out on a daily basis.
Nolo and Dj (Battle Buddies) Family Day before BCT Graduation

      Now that I'm actually here on Post, living amongst others who are experiencing some of the same day to day life of a Soldier and their families, the deeper my appreciation is for all of these men and women who serve our country.  There is more to Army, then it just being a job.  Living on post, you can feel the "mana," the pride that these people have.  I've made lots of friends upon which I've secretly admired to my self and repeated in my mind "I'm sure glad and proud to know that you are protecting me and my family for a chance to live here in the United States of America."  Especially at this time of turmoil around our country where there have been riots, looting, and wars among our own people, I'm sure glad that I know some of the most honorable, and valiant men and women out there to serve and protect us.  I sure pray that we can all pull it together politically for their sakes, and pray that we as a nation can work together to present a more positive and peaceful environment for all our sakes.  God Bless America.  And a big THANK YOU to all our service men and women for sacrificing so much for our freedom and safety.  I'm grateful the Heavenly Father has blessed us with an opportunity to share the gospel through our service in the military.  We always pray for guidance to share the gospel with those around us.  And continuously pray that we can be the best example of our Savior Jesus Christ to our fellow brothers and sisters here.    

Nolo and I - Family Day before BCT Graduation

Nolo and his Battle Buddies BCT Graduation Day

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Blogging Again, End of the year Reflections.

It's been a while since I had a blog up, but with year coming to end, I wanted to reflect back to the life-changing year I've had thus far.  I have Heavenly Father that I continue to thank, and pray to give thanks to him for the struggles and blessings he has given me.  So here's a list of experiences that I'm grateful for that is not over looked as I think about my past, and my future:

1.  Heavenly Father's Plan for you isn't about your wants & desires.  (Parental Guidance/Discipline at it's finest.)

      He knows all, and as much as we think we have our own agenda, He may think otherwise. One of the greatest lessons I've learned this year.  Moving to Texas isn't something that I wanted, and thought if I do my part he will hear my prayer to progress, but progress at home in beautiful Hawaii Nei.  Since we've been here, he's blessed us with the opportunity to test our faith, our charity, and testify of his love to the wonderful community of Fort Hood.  He's blessed us with an opportunity for us to be parents (which we have been hoping for the past 3 years we've been married).  Nolo and I have been able to rely on each other even more then before, and challenge ourselves to be the best husband/father wife/mother or individual in its self and become king/queen of the heritage that Heavenly Father has set us out to be.  Praying to him for what he would like us to do next in life with all the things we needed to get done, and was the question at the time.  Accepting that answer was a tough pill to swallow when I had my own agenda yet wanting him to help me with all the other issues that needed to be addressed.  But I'm here now, and a living testimony of listening to the spirit and although we don't always want to here the answer (it's mostly cuz we're human, and have our own agenda) if we just listen first, all else will work out to our benefits if we are keeping our covenants.

2.  Power of the Priesthood.  

      Having my husband with me by my side every where I go has been a great experience to the point when I don't have him with me the atmosphere is completely different.  The sense of security is incomplete when he's not with me.  In Hawaii, I had tons of family and friends to fill my world with the power of the priesthood.  I'm slowly building my network of friends here in the ward, but that will in some cases take time.  The blessings of the Priesthood definitely builds a firm foundation of faith, family, and in all a Heaven here on earth.  I've come to know of my divine nature as a Wife, Mother, and essentially my husband's eternal companion more fully entails my support for us to help each other fulfill our divine purpose in Gods plan, just as much it is my duty as such to help him fulfill his divine nature as a Priesthood Holder in the gospel, and more importantly in my home for my family.  (Love You Arnold Charlie)

3.  God's Creations and his blessings in disguise.

      Before moving to Texas, on a quest to lose weight that has been a long term companion since the 7th Grade (okay my since 3rd Grade) I've learned quite a few things that nature in it's self has a way to heal in the simplest ways.  Modern foods today carry no nutrients at all.  But it sure TASTES AMAZEBALLS, hence making my a natural human food addict.  Ha! I believe as a generation we've been deprived of vital information as to what's really going on with our daily food consumption.  In fact to much factors that I don't quite understand it all.  But if I just listened the first time to the lords counsel of the word wisdom (FULLY) I probably would be way better off health wise.
       Never realizing that my Emotions could really get the best of me.  I learned more about "TRAPPED EMOTIONS" and how connected our Mind, Body, and Spirit is so connected with one another.  In some cases those trapped emotions that you may or may not have sometimes are the reasons that your body reacts in certain ways.  For example, my whole life as the oldest child I've always worried for my parents about finances, which would sometimes be the cause of other mishaps that effected my emotions as a child.  Throughout high school I would sometimes worry about finances to help sustain my family, even though it wasn't my job too.  Although I'm not much of an athletic person, I would occasionally get really bad backaches that I just so theoretically associated it with having to care and lift my sisters when ever needed.  Although the strain was there, finances was at the back of mind.  So 20 Years later, willing to do anything to rid my aching body from these senseless back issues, met up with a talented, miraculous, heaven sent mother & Foot Zoner that just moved to Laie, and though lived in the community for a bit, had recently moved into my home ward.  I went to see her after several appointments with Massage therapist, and the Chiropractor.  She was able to connect with my body, and pin point a cause of my sometimes spontaneous back pain issues.  As she was working on my feet, she said she was having a hard time working on my back she told me that it seems like there's something blocking her and it had to do with Finances, and then asked me to think in my mind repeatedly "MONEY FLOWS FREELY IN AND OUT OF MY LIFE."  After which she tells me, "ok it worked".  And was able to continue zoning me.  Well after a few weeks, I was back to normal.  Until my back went out again, not thinking anything about what she had mentioned the first time about finances, I struggled for my phone to call my husband to rush home and help me, cuz I had no way of rolling out of the pain I was feeling in my back.  As I had time to think about it because I was stuck on the ground outside cleaning out the puppies pen at the time, I cried in pain praying to Heavenly Father, what the heck did I do wrong.  And a light went off, I was worrying about money and how I was gonna be able to pay for bills, and ways to help my struggling family.  That financial EMOTION just about knocked me to get on all fours!  My body was reacting to my emotions, and significantly enough a sign to get on my knees and pray to Heavenly for his help to understand my purpose, understand what he needs me to realize about my emotions, understand his plan for me.  Just a whole lot of understanding.  It really helps to throw your hands up and laugh at some of the struggles in life, and think of reasons to be positive, and seek ways to just BE HAPPY!
      In short, I've come to realize that there isn't anything that God hasn't thought of in this life, that he felt we didn't need.  We just need to educate our selves, and figure out the why God made if this way.  But by all means if we can bypass the human nature of asking "why?" and just do as God says more power to ya.  I've yet to learn that lesson.  But in some cases, it doesn't hurt to ask why we shouldn't have Caffeine,  or why/how frankincense is a good healing herb, or why lots of loved ones are getting cancer?  Educated ourselves so we can better the future of our children, and generation after.
      I'm also grateful for these little munchkins that along with my own siblings have helped me grow as "motherly" figure.  It is sincerely a joy to see you grow the first fews years of your lives, and for Nolo and I to be a part of it for a little bit of time.  You will always be my babies.  It still stings to not be able to have you over for a slumber party, and have you make my day with what ever shenanigans you managed to have up your sneaky sleeves.

Okay that's it for today, to be continued!


Thursday, August 9, 2012

The feeling of No Progression

The feeling of No Progression

      This summer has been a fun filled summer, with a side of drama fo' yo mama.  Things that I'd rather not talk about, and haven't really found someone to vent about it either.  But then I thought, if I vent about it, I'm putting that negative ambiance in the atmosphere which isn't doing anything for my progression.  So I thought back on the good times growing up...HANGING OUT WITH FRIENDS (which now that I'm married seems to be harder to do since everyone has moved on to bigger and better things.)...SHOPPING (and that requires money, that I don't have right now.)...QT TIME WITH FAMILY (seems to be happening, but feels like somethings missing...PAPA.) ....BEACH (lucky I live Hawaii) ....BAKING (sucks because i'm tryna lose weight, and if I'm going to making blissful happiness in a bowl, you know i'm gonna wanna eat it.).  

      I'm pretty sure I don't know everything there is to know about life, and what it's all about.  What I do know is that Heavenly Father wants us to be HAPPY.  Have you ever been stuck in a place where you are trapped?  What would you do about it if you had no other choice but to just live with it?  How would you deal with it?  I'm dealing with it right now, I do what makes me happy at the time, and then there is something that just kills the whole moment of happiness (pass judgments, inconsiderate hate, insecure satisfaction).  There are things in this life that I'm not happy about, there are decisions that I've made that I wish I have done the right way the first time around.  The fact of the matter is that we all have, and who are we to judge others.  WE'RE NOBODY'S in another persons life.  We can only be SOMEBODY in our own lives.  IF WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN OUR OWN LIVES, we SUB-CONSCIOUSLY CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN OTHERS LIVES.  In the mean time if we can't help ourselves, we are in no shape to help others.  

     The FIRST PRESIDENCY MESSAGE in the JULY ENSIGN, President Uchtdorf  message called ALWAYS IN THE MIDDLE is so fitting for the recent events, feelings, and perspectives that I have had with the past month of July.  He states,
      "Beginnings are times for making resolutions, for creating plans, for bursts of energy. Endings are times for winding down and may involve feelings of completion or loss. But with the proper outlook, considering ourselves as in the middle of things can help us not only to understand life a little better but also to live it a little more meaningfully."

I thought to myself where do I stand?  At the beginning of marriage?  Starting  a family?  Or am I still in the middle of helping my own Nihipali family before I can start of have my own Lavaki family?  But I kept reading...

"This change in perspective is more than a simple trick of the mind. There is a sublime truth behind the idea that we are always in the middle. If we look at our location on a map, we are tempted to say we are at a beginning. But if we look more closely, wherever we are is simply in the middle of a larger place."

I'm happy to announce that I'm happily dealing with being in the middle, because it get's better.  There is hope for me to continue to be happy, and experience the good & bads of the beginnings & endings of what ever chapter it is that I am either beginning or ending.  President Uchtdorf goes on to say,

"Yes, there will be moments of beginnings and moments of endings throughout our lives, but these are only markers along the way of the great middle of our eternal lives. Whether we are at the beginning or the end, whether we are young or old, the Lord can use us for His purposes if we simply set aside whatever thoughts limit our ability to serve and allow His will to shape our lives."

With all my thoughts that have held me back from progressing, or feeling like I'm not progressing, I've been resisting the will of my Heavenly Father in allowing him to shape my life with the blessings that I have been unintentionally denying.  

Twiddle dee & Twiddle Dumb

This summer has been a eventful one.  I got to see all of my babies off to bigger better things.  Suaesi is now going to Rainbow School.  Tekiato just started at Bright Beginnings.  Tausala is still here but never ceases to amaze us with her presence.  We got to enjoy our summer together with family all around us.  With the Kekuaokalani's visiting from Kona to our Azonto music video.  We had many laughs, cries, fights, lots of memories that will last us a lifetime, all the way to the Eternities.  

Ward Camp was definitely an experience with at least 7+ kids to keep us company.  Long beach days, tonz of food, great laughter, enjoying the relaxing sea breeze.  

Nolo was suppose to finish work this coming September, but we were blessed to have him stay on board a bit longer.  And we will see where Heavenly Father will take us from there.

I was blessed to have a temporary position at BYU-Hawaii and will finish up in the end of September.  The experience here will definitely count in the long run, as I strive for a masters degree in Library Science.

Grateful for this community that I live in.  I know that I will never find a place quite like it.  Laie is HOME, and will always be. 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My HappiLy EvEr After!

Happily married for eternity, sealed December 30th, 2009.  It was a trial and a half just to get there, but so worth the while.  Happy to be blessed with wonderful family, and awesome friends that was there, and has always been there for Nolo and I from the start.  Grateful for the Kekuaokalani's on the B.I.G for housing us poor students come and stay, play, visit, and enjoy all the fun times with the fam bam.

My beautiful Mother-in-law was able to come down and witness and be apart of the festivities, so grateful for her to be there and support my husband.  As well as my father-in-law to join us as well as there rest of Nolo's aunties from Utah, and my sister-in-law Finau, and the kids. 

We are eternally grateful for Via and None, for being there always for us, supporting us from the beginning, and have so welcoming, kind, and loving to me, making me feel especially part of their family! 

The Foukimoanas, and the Tongias are not to be forgotten, they have been such a blessing in our lives.  You have been Nolo's family away from home.  We've create such wonderful memories since we have met, and will continue to have many, many more.  We're eternally grateful for all your hard work, and support, as well as your love and care for us.

Can't forget my family, to all of my Aunties, and Uncles.  Couldn't have been as memorable without you guys.  I always wanted Papa & Granny to be there on my special day, lucky for me, they were right there beside me in the sealing.  I never imagined my wedding without you folks.  And to all of my cousins, you have been the best lil cuzzies eva!!!  I will always remember all the great memories, laughs, and fun times.  Wouldn't have been the same without yous!!!  Shout out to ELDER NIHIPALI!!!  Miss you brother!!!  Sorry bout it...Nolo loves you too bro!!!  But he love me more!! You'll thank me later for having a wedding while you're gone, cuz this time Taani, and LJ had to take over while you were gone. 

MOM & DAD....THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SUPPORTING NOLO AND I.  Thank you for letting me marry the man of my dreams, and making this reception possible for all to enjoy.  Sorry Mama, for making you stress, but at least I got my chantilly cake!!!  Chee pono!!!  Nothing else better then Coco puffs! (Oh and NOLO...hehehe).


Can't forget my Titahs!!!  I <3 each and every one of you, Thank you for making my wedding day so special!!!  Meems, thank you for being a awesome older sister.  Moani wouldn't have it any other way.  I appreciate all that you do, for all of us.  Low and know you both have been lifetime friends, so thanking you for accepting me for who I am, and being great examples to me.  Sairs, you're my feel-good wouldn't matter how our days will be, im always able to come over and laugh it off with you.  Brandi, Teria, Seanne, thank so much for being my family, the best cuzzies, and you are beautiful as always,we've had some memorable good times.  <3 U!!!

Aunty Ivy & Aunty Lori,
thank you so much for being my decorators, i appreciate it so much!  You are the best!  I'm so grateful for your hardwork, most of all your great talent.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Engagement Happiness!!!

Thank you Ramona for the wonderful photography!!! She's awesome!!!

Nolo and I are excited to announce that we are engaged, and will be sealed on Wednesday December 30th, 2009!!! Love you all!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Krisha and Pierce Engagement 2009

Congratulations Krisha and Pierce!!!

Photos by: kamERa